Driveway Gates,

Modern and Traditional
design choices to suit
every home.

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Crocodilla Drvieway Gates

Electric Gates

Automated modern
and traditional design
driveway gates.

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Driveway Gates

Metal Gates

21st Century light weight
metal driveway gates.
Robust but light!.

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Metal Driveway gates

Wooden Gates?

To be seen to be
believed, our
wood finishes are superb.

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Automatic Driveway Gates

Driveway gates, modern or classic designs manufactured for the 21st Century to be strong but light and easily maintained prolonging the life span of both gate and automation systems. A complete service from survey to installation by Hampshire’s driveway gate specialist Crocodilla. Call us on +44 1794 367286

Metal Driveway Gates

The 21st Century metal driveway gate, light weight, strong, easily maintained and kind to your automation system! Available in contemporary and traditional designs in a wide range of RAL colours for every taste.

Electric Driveway Gates

All our gates are available with automation systems which in themselves can be basic or state of the art, making the perfect electric gate. We can provide remote controls, gate stopping sensors even gate activation alarms if required.

Entrance Gates

We can advise on and provide a number of entrance gate solutions where pedestrian gates can be aligned alongside the driveway gates, positioned at a distance or to form part of 1 unit. We provide intercoms and even post collection boxes on some models.

Drive Gate Designs

modern full panel driveway gates, Canford model


Modern Closed/Full Panel Gates

Modern easily maintained full panel gates. Manufacturers and finish guarantees.

modern half panel driveway gates Laverstock model


Modern Half Panel Gates

Our large selection of modern half panel gates, easily maintained and guaranteed for peace of mind.

Modern open panel driveway gate Sonning model


Modern Open Panel Gates

Open panel modern driveway gates, guaranteed weather resistant finishes and manufacturer’s guarantee.

traditional design metal driveway gate Crawley model


Traditional Closed/Full Panel Gates

Traditional design, easily maintained full panel gates. Manufacturers and finish guarantees.

traditional half panel design metal driveway gate Farlington model


Traditional Half Panel Gates

A large range of half panel metal driveway gates in traditional designs.

traditional design open panel driveway metal gate Windsor model


Traditional Open Panel Gates

Traditional open panel metal driveway gates, leight weight and easily maintained.


What are Full Panel Gates?

Full or closed panel gates are essentially solid gates that cannot be seen through. When a gate is high this affords the maximum element of privacy and when the gate is waist height the closed panels deter unwanted animal visitors.

What are Half Panel Gates

Half Panel gates are mix of the open and full panel styles. The top half of the gate is normally open panel allowing you to see through the gate and lower half closed panel providing that deterrent to four legged visitors!

What are Open Panel Gates?

The open panel gate is normally created with staggered panels/bars allowing the gate to be seen through from top to bottom but the panels are usually placed close enough together to prevent dogs and cats walking through.